Infrastructure Plan Checklist Download this checklist for all the licenses and permits you will need. Manufactured Home/Industrialized Building Safety Affidavit Get more information from your state and city health departments. This list is effective from 1st January 2020, when the Employment Permits … Stormwater Maintenance Schedule BioFilter Applicants should complete application form ID 990A. You can use the General Employment Permit checklist to help you apply. Land Disturbing Permit Application More than 1 acre Home Occupation Permit Application nationals of Afghanistan and Korea (Democratic People's Republic of). Major Site Plan Checklist This document is intended solely to assist the applicant in applying for an employment permit and is not a substitute for the relevant List of Building Inspectors and Contact Information (PDF) Stormwater and Required Job Site Mud Control (PDF) Structural Observation - Structural Observation is required on all residential structures 5,000 square feet or more per California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 17. Food Handler’s Permit. Once the receipt of application has been acknowledged, applicants can enquire their application status here or through the 24-hour telephone enquiry system at (852) 3160 8663. Transportation Issue - Citizen Request Form, U.V.W.X.Y.Z Photocopy of applicant's Hong Kong identity card (if any), Photocopy of proof of academic qualifications and relevant work experience, Photocopy of the applicant's Macao identity card [for Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) residents only], Photocopy of the applicant's household registration in Taiwan and Taiwan identity card [for Taiwan residents only], Photocopy of proof of the applicant's overseas residence, such as copy of official documents showing the applicant's conditions of stay and limit of stay endorsed by overseas authorities [for overseas Chinese holding PRC passports only], Application for Employing Professionals in Hong Kong (, Photocopy of the company's employment contract with or letter of appointment to the applicant containing information about post, salaries, other fringe benefits and employment periods, Photocopy of the Business Registration Certificate^, Photocopy of proof of financial standing (e.g. The permit application should list the route number and street name of the main road where the work is being performed. Special Permit Checklist the applicant has permanent residence overseas; or. Stormwater Maintenance Schedule Dry Pond Tenant House Affidavit TIA: Scope of Meeting Checklist Where a document is not in Chinese or English, it must be accompanied by a Chinese or English translation certified as a true translation by a sworn translator, court translator, authorised public translator, certified translator, expert translator or official translator. Employee Details. Each checklist is a tool designed for NPDES permit applicants to aid in the submission of a complete NPDES permit application. Page 1 of 3 GENERAL BORROWER CHECKLIST FOR SIMPLIFIED APPLICATION Information Required Description Lender PPP Loan Number This will be automatically populated when you begin your loan forgiveness application. Soils Policy Form Online/ 24-hour Telephone Enquiry on Application Status, Frequently Asked Question on Hong Kong Visas, Guidebook and application forms relating to entry for employment, Forms and documents to be submitted by the applicant for entry application, Application for Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong (, The applicant's recent photograph (affixed on page 2 of application form. marriage certificate, birth certificate, family photographs, family letters (with envelopes), census record book and Privilege Card for Single child (if applicable), Photocopy of the dependant's Macao identity card [for Macao SAR residents only], Photocopy of the dependant's household registration in Taiwan and Taiwan identity card [for Taiwan residents only], Original and photocopy of the applicant’s valid travel document and, where applicable, his/her previous travel document showing the latest visa/entry permit label/arrival stamp/landing slip/extension of stay label in the HKSAR, Photocopy of the applicant’s Hong Kong identity card, Forms and supporting documents listed in Part (B) above *, Documentary proof of the applicant having an assessable income for salaries tax of not less than HK$2 million in the previous year of tax assessment, e.g. Plat of Vacation/Lot Consolidation Checklist Stormwater Management/BMP Agreement Further information of the ASMTP can be found here. It normally takes four weeks to process visa/entry permit applications for employment upon receipt of all the required documents. Non-Residential Division Checklist  6. Rezoning Checklist Zoning Permit, © 2021 Fauquier County, VA | Website Design by Granicus - Connecting People and Government. Permit holders may apply to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service for permission to reside and work without the requirement for an employment permit upon completion of the Critical Skills Employment Permit’s duration. The Immigration Department will not be able to start processing the application unless all the required documents and information have been received. Utility Plat Checklist Land Development Application Fee Calculation Construction Plan Loudoun County Government P.O. Street Acceptance Segment Data Sheet (Form SA-3) All the forms must be duly completed and signed. Well Agreement (Sample) The items in the checklist reflect elements that applicants often fail to complete or complete incorrectly. The period of time you are allowed to hold your permit is determined by your employment contract. For a dependant who is currently staying in Hong Kong, photocopy of his/her travel document page containing the latest arrival stamp/landing slip/extension of stay label in the HKSAR. These are general guidelines – not all steps will apply in all cases and not all steps are detailed here. notice of salaries tax assessment of the previous tax assessment year issued by the Inland Revenue Department or relevant tax documents.