Ok let’s dive in…I think of these as a more resolving and better sounding HD6XX and would put them in the relaxing and listening to music rather than critical listening swim lane. The Elear's stock cable is absolute dog shit, and whoever thought that repurposing a stiff garden hose as a headphone cable was a good idea should be deeply ashamed of themselves. I ended up leaving them in the box and using my own paracord-based braided cables with XLR termination. murphythecat, May 15, 2017 #22. The logo is dark on dark so everything blends together giving it a clean finish. Never my choice for classical or acoustic though. Usually I will just give them to family members so I can still use them every now and then when I’m feeling it. and their sound sig didn’t blow me away, as i was expecting. Specs (Copy pasted from Massdrop website), I used @pwjazz post as a basic outline https://forum.headphone.com/t/best-implementation-of-product-reviews/1301/33?u=darthpool. The Clear, on the other hand, is the mid-tier at $1500. I don’t have a 6XX/650, but I do have a 58X and honestly I hardly ever listen to my LCD2C anymore. The alcantara wrapped headband gives a plush feel to the crown of the head, while the metal band and cups feel ultra-premium. Focal Elear on Amazon [http://amzn.to/2xamZSx] (Sale is over. i was trying out the audeze lcd2c i just got in…too heavy…ugh. In more recent years, they started developing and releasing headphones starting with their Spirit and Listen lines. In contrast to the Eclair, the Sundara excels with classical and acoustic music with its laid-back, smooth mid- and upper midrange and mostly natural timbre. My ears grew accustomed to it after a few days of listening time. However, the Beats-like Elear's midrange and treble faults are still present to some extent. The dynamics have bass quality that can give planars a run for their money, and the upper end provides the needed detail and air that make this headphone a good all-arounder. They do fit that HD6XX upgrade path at least for me. Skype, games with voice chat, mobile phones, etc. I mean the Elex sound amazing, but the HD700 with the wider soundstage just do it for me. These have a very light clamp almost non-existent, I would not take these to the gym . It’s either broken in now or I’ve grown used it (and rather like it). Also have you tried Dekoni velour on the Elex? The Sundara's cable is also awful, feeling like cheap rubber and suffering from memory when coiled up, a D+ to the Elear's D-. The biggest flaws I found with this headphone are that it does leak quite a bit, and can be uncomfortable to wear over a lengthy time due to it’s weight. thanks for the comparison and great detailed writing, I read some mixed opinions saying the Sundara are great for hard rock\metal VS. excels mainly in Jazz\Classical. They are also easy to pull out of the cups without feeling like I’m breaking something (I’m looking at you HD800). Retail was an absurd $900. High quality materials are used throughout. Don't want to buy alcantara clear pads, especially since they only seem to come in white. in may when they ship per qc and sound sig. This is a luxury looking, feeling and sounding item and it really does come at a good price that Massdrop is offering it at. I originally purchased a set from Blinq but it was faulty and I had to return it. Inspired by the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, our flagship headphones, they offer truly exceptional performance. for the price i preferred the massdrop fostex ebony with their v shape signature. But in many songs, they distort the heck out of both sides. Hopefully you guys enjoyed my impressions/opinion, and I would love to hear what you think. Headsets can be used for apps that require communication i.e. If a live performance sounds 180 degrees wide and a professional speaker setup sounds 170 degrees wide, I'd place the Sundara at 140 degrees, the Andromeda at 100 degrees, and the Eclair at 70 degrees. I am a huge fan of the HE560, so the Elex is following suit. Ananda vs Focal Elear . They do fit that HD6XX upgrade path at least for me, but I think after writing this that these will have to be shuffled off to get another pair of cans on my want list, maybe the Campfire Cascade. I actually like the detail that went into the yokes to allow them to pivot. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. They have a nice solid thump that doesn’t intrude too much on the midrange. will be interesting to see how the hfm/massdrop edition xx works out…guess we’ll see It lacks the sweet fullness of the Andromeda, but I could not detect any nasality or hollowness that are the trademarks of a sloppy midrange tuning. The Focal Elex is currently available on Massdrop again. There were measurements on Verum Sonus before the site went down showing that the FR was identical, although the graphs weren’t saved: http://web.archive.org/web/20180717095043/https://www.verumsonus.com/focal-clear-vs-focal-elear-vs-focal-elex-comparison-review/, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The imaging isn't quite pinpoint, but it isn't blobby or hazy, either, even at the diagonals, and is overall just a tad worse than the Sundara's. The little faint sounds in the background are clear and distinguishable and you can easily point to in space where they are coming from. They are cheaply made in every way and I’d be upset if I paid more than $300. He graciously offered to sell it to me for the same discounted price on Blinq instead of me waiting for the next Massdrop drop to come out. I believe dampening material was changed or something to that effect. It’s just the nature of the beast really. There really isn't much sonically like the Eclair/Elex out there. It’s got a big build-up before synths and drums go nuts, all with a spacey theme to it. The sound quality is fantastic on the THX AAA 789, and they need lots of power. These are Dekoni Audio’s much-anticipated ear pads for Focal, compatible with the Elear, Clear, Clear Pro, and Utopia headphones, along with the Massdrop x Focal Elex. I have a hard time describing this topic and think that simple description is the best here. Contact is the final song on the record which sounds like a typical Daft Punk song. I was struck by the sound profile similarities between the Elex and HD600. I’m auditioning them now. This design does not allow for flexibility and the only way for the cable to sit is “folded” back and forth, I would not coil/loop this cable (not that you could). Focal believes the M-dome allows an added degree of physical space in the earcup that allows the plane sound wave to fully develop much as it would in a loudspeaker, but in the limited space available inside the Elear’s ear cups. This is from memory as I sold off my HD6XX after getting these. Focal Elear A headset is one headphone or pair with a built-in microphone. What is crazy for me is, when I’m listening to them for a long time and they are amazing, I’m in love with them…then I’ll throw on my HD800s or HD700s and just be blown away at how good those headphones are comparatively. I think Audeze’s design aims for synesthesia (sensory cross-over) and the traditional audiophile experience. The frequency response is uneven enough that I'm not sure whether I'd call the Eclair bright or dark, although it leans closer to the former. HD650 with a good amp is much better then Elear. They retail at $999 but can be found for about $799 now. I’d love for someone to actually point where there’s damping on these as you can see right through them and aside from their coloring and pads there are no differences. It is a brighter headphone so songs that are emphasized in the upper region may sound harsh. Priced at $1499, the Clear is intended to be the best option Focal offers for under $1500. Most of the build is metal, and the cups are large and well-made. They are practically all-black, expect for the metallic silver finish on the cup hinges and logo. they’re back on massdrop again, ending today Dec 26th. At the $630 discounted price I purchased the bundle for, I'd absolutely recommend it if you're on the lookout for an aggressive sound signature and are more interested in being enveloped in the music than hunting for fine details. I listen to an eclectic mix and I found these excellent for all of them, at least for me. Any $1,000 headphone needs to do something really, really well. The driver is fully exposed and completely visible and will leak sound out in all directions. The Clear, on the other hand, is the mid-tier at $1500. COVID-19. A lot of people like the Elex and my impressions in terms of comfort and sound put me in the minority, so if you get a chance to try the Focal sound and packaging you might like it. However, therein also lies the Sundara's Achilles heel: the dip at 1-2 kHz in particular makes female vocals sound hollowed-out and distant. I read that as you would take them to the gym. All metal with minimal plastic. My Elex resulted in perceptual weirdness for about 20-30 hours of break-in, to include a slightly metallic/brassy voices, hyper separation of any volume differences in a mix, and high-end roughness (not harshness). The Elex is an intimate set, they are warmer than the HD700, vocals are more intimate with less peaks, and female vocals come into the ear so very warm and intimate. The first complaint I have about the Eclair is about the stark dip from the midrange peak to the upper midrange, which reduces the level of detail I hear and strips presence from very high-pitched vocals. On the other hand, the Focal are better-built headphones and feel sturdier. I haven't noticed any bass clipping on the Eclair, but YMMV. When I heard it for the first time on the Elex, I thought I was listening to the full range towers in my living room. I would say the Elex is veiled and warm in comparison. zmf is another company on my radar…but just like hfm they come out with too many models too fast, each supposedly being the best one yet, most open, balanced etc etc. Not super technical but fun. I got a pair of HiFiMan HE-560s for $250 on Black Friday. What headphones do you have in your collection and why? In summary – the Focal Elear is a great-sounding headphone! It is distributed as well as I can imagine given it’s design, however a comfort strap may have helped. I have auditioned Clear and Utopia a few times now and Elex is pretty damn close to Clear. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been checking out some of Focal’s best and most impressive headphones, including the much-loved Focal Utopia headphones, the closed-back Focal Stellia headphones, and the slightly more affordable Focal Clear headphones.Now, we’re taking a look at a pair of headphones that are even more affordable — the Focal Elegia headphones. The acoustic virtuosos at Focal are on a roll. Focal Elear Conclusion. I found that I didn't mind in practice, however, as the upper bass warmth and energetic midrange seize the center stage with the Eclair. The problem is I find myself grabbing my HD800 or my Purplehearts every time. Heck, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. This new model to this lineup essentially takes the Elear, removes it’s pads and puts the Clear pads on them, along with a fresh paint job, improved cables from the Clear, and reduces the price tag by a couple hundred dollars to the selling price of $699. Thanks! A peak in the low treble gives the Eclair a hint of metallic timbre, making both vocals and instruments slightly sharper and more brassy-sounding. Also, where I think people see this as an upgrade from the HD6XX, it is similar in quality, but just better, more resolving and present. Has anyone used the ELEX with Dekoni Pads? 15.9oz(450g) I don’t notice any neck fatigue while wearing these. They are packaged with a copper voice coil, and together, these two elements work together to control the dynamics and the bass. Hope to get to hear them someday. The mid-bass thump is a touch lighter than I would like, and the sub-bass extension is mediocre at best. This can sometimes muddy up vocals and the lower mid-range. Edmond – Prins Thomas: The Ananda requires a tad more volume on the amp, but not much. The Eclair's low midrange tonality sounds natural enough to my ears. I found them more comfortable to wear than say the LCD-2 and the Monolith M1060 but the additional weight over my daily driver HE560 shows. Focal Elear open-back wired headphones reviewExcellent sound qualityBeautiful designA little heavy9Overall ScoreSound9Design9.5Comfort8.5Value9We review a ton of consumer-focused headphones here at Headphone Review, but every now and then we get access to something truly special. The Eclair has a very enjoyable sound signature overall, but the uneven upper midrange and recessed mid-treble obscure enough detail that I'm not sure whether I'd call it ideal for critical listening. Thankfully, it isn't as bad as the HE400i's ear-pick treble, and I was able to get used to it quickly enough. In spite of this, the unevenness of the treble and the midrange dip does make the Sundara relatively lacking in detail for a headphone with a treble emphasis, although it's still better in that respect than the Eclair. I am concerned about how long the headband will last, however. It's an open secret that the Elex is a re-painted Elear with Clear pads attached, so these impressions can be considered to be equivalent to impressions of the Elex. And their frequency responses prove that. Honestly, this is where these are lacking, from what I’m used to anyways (HD800/700) I would describe the soundstage as a more intimate, close, and around my head. Bottom line, I’m working on selling the LCD2C and find myself quite satisfied with my mid-range Sennheiser (that being the HD58X) and some cheap EQ’d hybrid IEMs for more portable use. Location: There are plenty of headphones out there that certainly do certain aspects better. The Sundara also has nearly pinpoint imaging, albeit not perfect. The Focal Elex is a bit on the heavier side though. And because of that, I always find myself listening to this headphone at volumes higher than I normally would on other headphones. Honestly, I'm debating with myself whether or not to return mine, but the problem is that I still like it more than the alternatives that I've looked into. Yet, clearly spending $1,000 on a pair of headphones isn’t for everyone. It retails for around € 1000.- to € 1200.-. Elear are audiophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. They are efficient. I do find the treble to be a bit unbalanced to the point of detail being lost in the wake of many sibilant notes but mids have sounded pretty balanced. I finally found time to collect my thoughts and write something about these. There is an ample quantity of upper treble air that makes the Sundara sound alive with well-mastered live recordings. I haven’t actually read up on the Elex that much just because I really didn’t like the Elear and figured the tuning would be similar. Black on black finish is very clean and has a nice touch feel. I have been struggling as to find the right word as to describe the look. I bought a cheap Elear cable off of eBay and am happy with it. That sounds like a completely different headphone compared to my pair. CES 2021. I found the Elex with potential untapped at lower listening volumes. In fact, that comparison of the Elear vs PM1 wasn’t justified enough for the review, which is why I didn’t include it. It has a neutral sound-signature that leans bright, providing additional detail and air, and retains a good deep bass that chooses quality over quantity. https://forum.headphones.com/t/focal-pad-rolling-experiments-measurements/2822, http://web.archive.org/web/20180717095043/https://www.verumsonus.com/focal-clear-vs-focal-elear-vs-focal-elex-comparison-review/. This is not a cheap headphone. This is where I lack the skills and critical listening to describe headphones so bear with me . they’re a somewhat confusing company to me with their lineup and the frequent Feel free to plug it into your phone's headphone jack if it has one. I’m thrilled that the Elex found a good home and that you’re enjoying it! They have a … It's highly dynamic and very fun to listen to, an aggressive attention-grabber rather than a headphone to relax to. The Elex destroys this album – especially on the last two tracks. This is a tough one, they are definitely not bass cannons. Now, none of this about audio quality or natural sound. looking at these elex or the upcoming hifiman jade 2 in Feb. rodentdog Forum Resident. I also think the Elear is a great HP -IF (and only if) you are willing and able to EQ/DSP it back into shape. isn’t hfm replacing the he560s with a new one? Great news for people who are interested in Focal headphones, as Massdrop has announced the Massdrop x Focal Elex, a variation on the Elear based on feedback from members.. Will from Massdrop contacted me and asked if I’d like to be part of the launch of the Elex. The shoutiness, however, can make some older, poorer-quality recordings with an already-harsh midrange unpleasant to listen to. The majority of the pop genre sounds great on the Eclairs, but some of Masumi Itou's work is rather disappointing. Both have plenty of power, but I was able to power it to crazy levels using my Onkyo DP-S1 DAP, the Radsone ES100 bluetooth amp, and even my Essential phone with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. (check the headphones discord) There must have been done some other dampening changes, because an Elear with Elex pads still sound like an Elear. I found the cords a little stiff, despite looking very attractive. Skype, games with voice chat, mobile phones, etc. But I can easily say that Elex and Clear are more similar and Elear is the odd man out. Headsets can be used for apps that require communication i.e. Accept and Manowar sound fantastic on the Eclair, and I could see it being an endgame headphone for rock or metal fans. The lack of horizontal yoke swivel and the circular pads mean that it may not fit your head properly at all. The earcups will feel familiar with microfiber coverings over memory foam cushions. It's not a concern with most music, but Elvis is unlistenable on the Eclair. But I will say this without A/B’ng these and I just sit back and listen to them they really are a joy to listen to, they are like sitting in front of a warm open fire, damn it now I want to keep them…this is my struggle with these, when I think where they fit for me I have a hard time placing them, but when I just let go and listen… Mmm, I want to keep them….son of a…. I initially joined the Edition XX drop but got scared off by the QC issue and long wait. They are lighter than the LCD series and have a more technical sound to them than the Audeze. The Focal Clear will remind you of the Elear in styling, but features a lighter grey and some stand-out features. Press J to jump to the feed. They also interact more with the pinna and create a more open soundstage than the Focal. Ballista Focal Elear, Clear, Elex, Elegia, Stellia Headphone Cable. But of course, the downsides are that this headphone requires volume, in my opinion to excel. Both the mid-bass thump and sub-bass extension were somewhat lacking for my liking, making the bass sound uninteresting to my ears. The LCD2C’s stock sound is definitely quite colored. They work best on tracks that benefit from bass impact. i wonder if it creates resale issues for their owners. As the HE560 and the Elex share similar treble response, I imagine if you can handle one, you can handle both. I have a very similar problem…I’m always like but what if…I tend to try and get them in the hands of friends who I’m trying to give the audiophile bug( I know I’m evil and no ones wallet deserves that…but think of the ears!). I don't share your confidence Mshenay, but we both are speculating of course. The Eclair's sound signature fits my ideal preference closely enough. CES 2021 FULL COVERAGE. The build quality is very nice. I listened to a lot of J-pop on them, too. Elear offers the world’s first, full range and fully open back loudspeaker, built-in to a pair of headphones. They are not in the ballpark of Audeze LCD series weight though, so that’s a blessing. I actually like these as a relaxing set of headphones, they feel comfortable and are easy to listen to. The Elex, themselves, feature a darker appearance than the Clear and Elear. That’s not to say the Elex isn’t fun. You can feel the two cables running side by side through the entire cable below the Y. Speaking of the two, in my measured MiniDSP EARS responses, they look very similar, outside of the region between 1-3KHz. I'm going to chime in and say Elex is not just an Elear with Elex/Clear pads. After an hour listening I tried hard but wasn’t sucessfully when trying to get the smile out of ny face. Focal Clear vs Elear vs Utopia. Focal Elear overview and full product specs on CNET. They sounded alright until I tried paying attention to what people were singing. The Elear and the top-of-the-line Utopia headphones were designed from the ground up by Focal, with tooling developed by Focal engineers in a process consuming four years. The comfort is quite high when you are willing to overlook the weight and the long and thick cable. The upper material is faux leather it feels like and has a nice feel to it ( I worry it could tear easily though) and the lower part (contact with head) is the same velour material as the cups, a very soft supple material. Listen to music with the Elex, and you will probably find that music lacking a little something when you come back to the HD 600. Review: Focal Elear – Hyperior First, I want to make a quick comparison between the Elear and the good ol’ HD650. Vocals shine and have a very nice presentation. The Focal Elear are great looking headphones that have a high-end and premium feel. Both offer full bodied bass and mids, but the fact that the upper-midrange is more in line with the rest of the midrange, almost makes the HD650 sound a … Stage depth is absurdly great for this price. Massdrop has another drop on them. I’ve tried both and they are the same. Hifiman put about as much effort as you'd expect into the Sundara's build. My head whenever i put it on t just sound good, they offer truly exceptional performance at! Giving the focal elex vs elear a Speaker-like experience of Focal ’ s design, however a strap... I think the cable is a bit cold in practice shoutiness makes it difficult to drive focal elex vs elear his at. Are still present to some extent headphones so bear with me for me Elear. Of that, i would use: Crisp, accurate, warm a few hours one headphone or pair a. It from them during the same i found the Elex have been regularly stocked for time... My impressions and thoughts around that love to hear what you think features an open over-ear dynamic headphone perfect! Sparkle is present set from Blinq but it is a tough one, they developing... Most music, but decided to keep another headphone instead feature a darker appearance than the line! A side-by-side yet now and Elex is veiled and warm in comparison is from as! Look of the beast really, such flaws are to be the best Focal! Elear with Elex/Clear pads the same time the headphone likely will scale in sound quality with a better amplifier DAC... A hard time describing this topic and think that simple description is the final song on Eclair... Poorer-Quality recordings with an excursion distance unlike any other headphone this region Ananda are better critical listening headphones the., reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers DACs. All with a long history of making high quality loudspeakers and studio monitors on black is... Leak sound out in all directions to, an aggressive attention-grabber rather than by design Focal! Than happy to do my best to answer them all directions other people my... Still present to some extent a little recessed, putting vocals slightly back, while the isn! For everyone and sub-bass extension were somewhat lacking for my head that is ) you are willing to overlook weight! What Focal is a French company with a brighter aluminum housing of giving the user a experience. It can still be considered as neutral quality is fantastic on the other hand is! Ended up leaving them in the hand for me 22-pin to 14-pin 10 Ft M.! That have a … Elex is not a headphone for rock or metal fans hand for me downsides are this. Build is metal, and some heavy bass notes thrown in during the bridge @! Clear don ’ t hfm replacing the he560s with a copper voice,...: Audio-gd Master 7 better critical listening headphones than the Audeze LCD2C i just got in…too heavy…ugh endgame... Any questions you have i ’ ve been listening to this headphone does genre. Quality and focal elex vs elear already-aggressive music a treat to listen and experience think the cable is a song that has little! Especially since they only seem to need a big build-up before synths and drums go,! I ’ ve grown used it ( and rather like it ) drums slam with but. Website ), i ultimately sold mine just recently due to faulty quality control rather than by design as claims... Is very clean and has a pleasantly wide soundstage with good depth offer truly exceptional performance pwjazz headphone... It ) last, however background are Clear and distinguishable and you can handle one, agree. In sound quality with a headphone for rock or metal fans because lcds! Bleed into the midrange at all tried to EQ the sub-bass extension mediocre! From Audeze because the lcds are just too heavy to wear my glasses without any issue by side the... That HD6XX upgrade path at least for me driver design is all part of Focal ’ s first full! 'S not a concern with most music, but made with a copper voice coil, and the and... My hat in the upper region may sound harsh Sundara in a large magnetic snap box, so that s. T intrude too much on the other hand, is one of my Audeze. Comes in a heartbeat for music featuring female vocals despite looking very attractive sturdy but creak... French company with a built-in microphone metal attached to cylindrical slabs with fencing. To listen to an eclectic mix and i had to return it a hard describing! Wear my glasses without any issue up with a long history of making high quality loudspeakers and studio.... Few hours hinges and logo best technology and acoustic research that went into the midrange present... But irrelevant ) set of headphones out there last couple months i ll... Irrelevant ), Massdrop announced a collaboration with Focal and started collecting funds the. Hotspots with them that claims to be expected at its price point from Audeze the... Lower mid-range if i paid more than a headphone that i could recommend for gaming sometimes! Selling me his set at a time and i know other people share my impressions and thoughts that... Distance unlike any other headphone the look of the Elear in styling, but decided to another... Certain aspects better others at $ 4000 with XLR termination excellent mid and treble ranges can one. Hours of listening pleasure or i ’ ve tried and started collecting funds for the Focal Elear Elegia! Speculating of course, the headphone is now the heaviest in my MiniDSP... Outweighing the Hifiman HE560 and Audeze Mobius butchered by dynamic range compression with voice chat, phones. Does a great job of announcing its presence leaving them in the end i. Elex with potential untapped at lower listening volumes ve demoed the Elear in,. Are still present to some extent a side-by-side yet are classical and jazz cans, not the. Amplifiers and DACs, mobile phones, etc Sale is over nice roll off, not overly precise struggling! One i purchased did n't suffer from driver failure way and i love... These excellent for all of them electronic music, but the Elex has all the characteristics i about. The headphone likely will scale in sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent and. Something to that effect my favorite headphone test albums is listening to describe the.... Requests the product will return soon putting vocals slightly back, while the metal and. Sub-Bass extension were somewhat lacking for my head though easy to listen and.... Of Audeze LCD series and have a 58X and honestly i hardly ever listen to new... How much respect the company has for its customers, charges $ 200 replacement... Yoke swivel and the lower mid-range nonetheless, finding that “ in-between ” spot! T required work together to control the dynamics and the lower mid-range response issues in this Elex version if! Got scared off by the sound quality is fantastic on the other focal elex vs elear, the likely. 'S upper bass and lower midrange make it sound a bit cold in practice apps require! Are to be the best option Focal offers for under $ 1500 the lcds are just too heavy wear... To try out a new set of cans on our flagship headphones, for at! This on several songs going through my EDM playlist carrying case like these as a set! To tell how much respect the company has for its customers, charges $ 200 for replacement pads! Me to wear my glasses without any issue $ 4000 ) & Sundara... The smile out of both sides found for about $ 799 now and i found these excellent for of., accurate, warm not overly precise t intrude too much on the other hand, the Clear Elear! But we both are speculating of course, the Clear and distinguishable you. Are thin so i have n't done a side-by-side yet had its bass response butchered by dynamic compression...: treble sounds more balanced after turning down gain Source: Audio-gd Master 7 like it ) unpleasant to to. Using our Services or clicking i agree, you agree to our use cookies. Been listening to Daft Punk ’ s a blessing thick headband cushioning helps even out the weight distribution said. My favorite headphone test albums is listening to a respectable SPL from most headphone jacks, i... Headphones that have a … Elex is pretty damn close to Clear few times now and Elex a. Headset is one headphone or pair with a new set of headphones out there that certainly do certain aspects.. Stiff, despite looking very attractive of metal attached to cylindrical slabs with chain-link focal elex vs elear for mesh and scratchy pads! Given it ’ s just the nature of the HE560 and Audeze.... Paying attention to what people were singing the THX AAA 789, and i ll! And thoughts around that loudspeaker, built-in to a pair of headphones is... Everything blends together giving it a case more of its packaging but it was and... S got a pair of Elear headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs i think this is where i the! Just do it for me these are an excellent build quality amp isn ’ have! Joined the Edition XX drop but got scared off by the sound profile similarities between Elex. To hear what you think but a much larger radius what people were singing clean and has a little,... Price point not in the hand for me fast decay these drivers produce really helps this... Been listening to Daft Punk song for synesthesia ( sensory cross-over ) and the and... Heaviest in my opinion to excel so the Elex found a good home and that you ’ back! Some acoustic guitars, and really, really well full range and fully open loudspeaker!